ENGHAVE FISHING LAKES - ARE 3,500 m2 AND 6,500 m2!

Enghave Put & Take established in 2007.

There are regularly fish 0.8 to 6 kg, so there is a large and varied stock.

The lakes are adjacent to the large 60,000m2 Enghave Animal and Nature Park. So while the family angler catch today's dinner, so can the rest of the family visit animal and nature park.

Enghave Fishing lakes are open for fishing in the 2 fishing lakes yet. 8:00 am to sunset - year round - and after coming this way many fiskeentusiasters desire аt could get going, every now and then.

By Enghave Put & Take you have access to:

  • clean room
  • toilets
  • tables and benches
  • shelters

New anglers are often surprised by the excellent facilities that are аt clean the fish caught, which is one of the reasons аt they come again and again fοr аt fish at our lovely fishing lakes.

It is not allowed to bring dogs in Enghave Animal and Nature Park, but like at Enghave Put & Take if kept on a leash.

An obvious option is to arrange a day trip to Enghave Animal and Nature Park, where you catch fish at the Enghave Put & Take and cook the fish directly by the lakes - or subsequently enjoy your time in the park.

In the park opening provides access to Enghaves Snack - Starfish - with playground and terrace with tables and benches. In Grill bar can købе mаԁ, drinks, Powerbite and tickets for Enghave Animal and Nature Park.

1 hour 50 kr.
2 hours 80 kr.
3 hours 110 kr.
4 hours 130 kr.
5 hours 150 kr.
8 hours 180 kr.
Extra hours 40 kr.

The above prices are for one fishing rod per. person.

Rent a fishing rod

Not even a fishing rod,
then you can rent a fishing rod of Enghave Fiskesøer.

Price for rent per. fishing rod per. day kr. 50, -

Late Night - Put & Take!

Anglers and other good people have the habit of fishing at many different times of the day - when they need to relax or when they've got free work ...

Therefore, we offer the opportunity for evening open in Enghave Put &Take - call for more information ...